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An editor’s job is to make your manuscript something people want to read. Their main job is to elevate writing and perfect the overall body of a written work.


This is a form of writing support that means, as your editor, I’ll help polish your work. I’ll go in and read your work line by line, making suggestions to syntax (sentence structure) and make changes to correct grammar, spelling, and inconsistencies.

Typical rate: $0.03-0.04/wd


This is a deep form of writing support. We’ll go line by line to look at structure and content, and maybe even rearrange a few things to enhance the flow of your work.

Typical rate: $0.05-0.06/wd


You’ve finished writing, getting your work edited, now what?


A proofreader’s job is to perfect bodies of work–that are already written well–to enhance its delivery. I’ll review your work and make corrections to spelling and grammar, bring inconsistencies to your attention, and help you create a polished version of your work.

Typical rate:

Basic proofreading is $0.01-0.03/word.


The purpose of a review/critique is to give a content creator the opportunity to get valuable feedback on their work by an experienced field professional.

Reviews start at $2 per standard 500-word, single-spaced page.


Every part of your book—inside and out—has to be aesthetically pleasing to make a real impression.


Interior design and manuscript formatting mean more than just creating a body of work that’s visually clean. How you present the pages of your book affects how readers take in your work, increases the comfortability of the reading experience for readers, and leaves a lasting and professional experience. I’ll scrub your manuscript for visual effect and assign styles to insure it’s consistent throughout.

This service includes formatting, word documents, InDesign files, and final print-ready PDFs. All usage rights are required before a project will be accepted.

Typical rates:

Simple manuscripts (all text and typography design): $100 design fee, $.007 a word/$3.50 per standard page.

Semi-Complex (multiple heading levels, footnotes, tables, simple charts and graphics layup): $120 design fee, $.008 a word/$4 per standard page.

Complex manuscripts (multiple heading levels, footnotes, tables, charts, graphics layup, formulas, multiple design layouts through out, etc.): $200 design fee, $7-12 per standard page.


Your cover is the most important form of marketing you have. Make it count.

This service includes cover designing, 3 revisions, final PDFs, and InDesign files. All image usage rights for provided images are required before a project will be accepted.

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A Special Note

Due to past experiences with writers asking for a form of editing they didn’t need by mistake, I now request to review 5 sample pages of an author’s work prior to accepting projects. This is at no cost to the author. I also vet requests to ensure the sincerity of authors and that an author-editor relationship produces something fruitful.

I require a 20% good-faith down payment (nonrefundable) upfront after a contract has been signed.